Minarchy Is Ideal
limited government
Minarchism means minimum size of government. It is also called limited government or small government. Minarchism is not a utopia, but a realistic target. Just like manufacturing, going lean brings more efficiency. Let alone government does not produce goods and services, so it must stay small and limited.

When government is small and limited, citizens are big. When government is big, then citizens are small and limited. There is no lack of examples of how citizens lose liberty due to big government because all countries nowadays have big government.

The sole purpose of existence of government is only to defy aggression between human beings that jeopardises personal safety and possesion. Without guarantee on personal safety and possession, economy will not grow. Government should only have fundamental roles, such as judiciary and defence. Military should be just sufficient to defend the country, in which overseas deployment of troops must not be done.

Government's existence should not be felt by good citizens. It must not play the nanny role of imposing supposedly good things on its citizen because that is undemocratic and totalitarian. When government does something beyond its fundamental roles, citizens have the right not to comply. So it must not have departments of education, health, sports, agriculture, transport, environment, trade, mass media, religion, welfare etc. When government has other roles, it loses focus on its fundamental roles and delivers poor result. Also government by nature is less wiser than businesses in spending so channels for government to spend money should be minimised.

Minarchy has minimum laws, mainly to protect productivity and wealth in the society, such as violence, theft, fraud and corruption. There is no law on speech, marriage, labour, mandatory use, minimum wage etc. People who violate the moral law must contribute their labour for the country, e.g. service in the military like ancient China or penal labour. Personal possession is highly protected, in which there is no law to take income and material possession from people.

Minarchy's income must not come from income tax, capital gains tax, property tax or tariff. It can only get income from one tax, which is sales tax. The sales tax must be standard across the nation in which no one has an advantage. Businesses collect sales tax for the government, eliminating the headcount of tax collectors. Productive or thrifty people will pay less sales tax because of less purchases. Due to minimal tax and free market, economy booms and government can get more income from more sales transactions. The best way to boost economy is government stops doing anything to boost the economy. Noninterference is a treasure among Chinese traditional wisdom.

Minarchy can issue gold-backed currency. However the market is free to use any currency. The stronger currency will eventually be used widely. In fact there are countries which do not mint their own national currency.

Minarchy can have a few states. States compete among themselves in efficiency by delivering the most with the least. Key performance indicators such as crime rate and expenses can be compared. A state can then be chosen through election to coordinate national defence and judiciary.

A close example of minarchy is Spain from 20 Dec 2015. It has limited federal goverment, inactive to the extent that people do not feel existence of the federal government. It has only functioning military and provincial government. Without interference from federal government, its economy booms. This is almost like a hospital, in which when the "best" physicians are away, the survival rate of patients increases. Intervention can complicate and mess up things. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Awareness is being spread, for example the Free State Project. Many people are still sheeples of the current government system. Only with awareness that the change is feasible. Government reflects the mindset of the majority of its citizens. How the citizens are, then how the government is. When we hear people saying government should ban or compel something, tell them that is against liberty and opens the door to cronyism.

Posted: 2016-10-12; updated: 2017-05-29 by Ong Seng Aun.
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