Money in Wrong Hands Is a Curse
money in hands
Money becomes a curse for most people. This is especially true in urban life, in which many self-weakening activities are done because the folk have money. Yet money is a blessing for people who do not use it for self-destruction.

Some examples:

  1. People who won a lottery ended up worse than before winning the lottery.
  2. Affording staying up late causes health problems.
  3. Affording air-conditioning and electricity, some people sleep in an air-conditioned room, causing health problem.
  4. Affording entertainment, some people lose some of their productivity.
  5. Affording alcohol, some people get into drunkardness.
  6. Affording tobacco, some people get lung cancer.
  7. Affording motorised vehicle, some people lose the ability to walk.
  8. Affording myopia glasses, some people lose the ability to see afar.
  9. Affording hospitalisation, some able people are drugged or lose part of their body.
  10. Affording to fund harmful ideologies, some people sink deeply into those ideologies.
  11. Affording sugary food and drink cause loss of teeth.

Some people will realise that they have used the money for their own harming while they still have the money. Some people will only realise that once they are totally broke. Some people will not realise that at all.

If we know that someone will use the money he earns for his own disadvantage, out of love do not do business with him.

Posted: 2017-01-07; updated: 2017-04-19 by Ong Seng Aun.
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