Motorsport Is Meaningless
race crash
This article disagrees with motor racing, including motorcycle and go-kart racing, but does not look to request the government to ban it. Corporations and people should be free to engage in this.

The competition is shallow. What is the good to be the fastest driver? The faster the car, the faster the resources on earth are used up. Even if tickets are given free, it is still meaningless to watch the race, let alone tickets are expensive.

Negative points about motorsport

  1. Fatal accidents frequently happen to drivers and spectators.
  2. Cars waste its purpose and fuel on the racetrack, instead of being used in transport to reach the destination.
  3. Resources are wasted. For example, expensive wheel bolts are made disposable, used only for one time.
  4. Land is wasted to build racetrack, instead of being utilised for other productive purposes.
  5. Petrol used in racing is often leaded, deteriorating the health of spectators.
  6. Many young people are influenced into driving recklessly.
  7. Scantily clad pit babes promotes objectification of women and can give the wrong message to kids.
Posted: 2016-09-28 by Ong Seng Aun.
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