National ID Cards Are Redundant
identity card
There are countries that have no national identity card such as Australia, Denmark, Fiji, India, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway. There are also countries that have non-compulsory identity cards such as Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and United States.

Disadvantages of national identity card:

  1. We can be stopped by police anytime just to check the national ID card, not to mention being arrested for not carrying one.
  2. Presenting an ID just to buy goods and services is against liberty and will thwart market activity.
  3. Our identity can be easily stolen by falsification so the card increases crime rate instead.
  4. If there is an error about death status in the national database, it is very difficult to fix.
  5. In essence, only criminals should have record in the national database, so everyone is automatically deemed as criminals.
  6. Getting a national ID card in order to do something, such as getting a job, is like getting permission from government. For example, if the government refuses to give the national ID card, then we cannot be employed.
  7. It causes public and private sectors to spend unnecessary money to install ID card scanner.
  8. The owner of the card will not know what information is contained in the card.
  9. A lot of money is wasted to create and maintain another national identity register besides passports, without any benefit for the country.
Posted: 2016-12-01 by Ong Seng Aun.
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