Photocopying National ID Card Is Fishy
identity card
Of course a national ID card should not exist in the first place but since it exists so we should protect ourselves from further damage.

A personal identity card is a highly confidential document as it contains very personal information like date of birth and residential address. We should not allow other people to have a photocopy of it. There is no reason for other people to have a copy of it.

If someone requests for a photocopy of our identity card, we must refuse to give it. If the person still insists, if possible cancel all the dealings with the person immediately. If we visit a premise and the entrance security post requests to keep our identity card, just give them the business card, company employee card or student card. Driving licence also contains confidential information.

Identity theft is not uncommon. The photocopy of the identity card can be used to apply for a phone line, a company, a loan and a credit card. We may argue that the application cannot be approved without the presence of the actual applicant but in reality it happens, probably due to corruption or no due diligence.

Fraudsters can visit the address on the card and pretend to be police officers bearing bad news about us to lure our family into a trap.

Posted: 2016-11-30 by Ong Seng Aun.
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