Raw Eggs from Free Range Are Safe
This article agrees with consuming raw eggs from free range, especially of chicken. Free range is where chickens are left outdoor to roam freely every day for the whole day and nothing artificial is fed or injected to chickens. Chickens know to return to their shelter without training so there is no reason not to let chickens roam free.

Quails are more difficult to be free-ranged. If quails are not overcrowded and are given natural food, their eggs should be as good as eggs from chicken free range.

Nutrients and benefits

The protein in raw eggs is much more better than commercialized expensive protein powder. Some bodybuilders eat raw eggs (a hint of masculinity). The nutrients are easy to absorb: one still feels hungry after drinking a few eggs. It is quite hard to believe the hypothesis of cooked egg is easier to be digested because cooked egg is in solid form. Some nutrients in egg can be destroyed by heat, such as B vitamins. Among B vitamins, only B2 cannot be damaged by heat.

Raw quail eggs have positive effect on gastritis, asthma, anaemia, weak erection etc.

Overemphasized risk

Eggs have been demonized in terms of germ and cholesterol.

The publicity is so successful that many city folks associate raw eggs with bacteria immediately on sight. There is risk in doing everything. If the risk probability is extremely small, it is unreasonable to make a big fuss out of it. If the risk of falling off staircase is magnified to such extent similar to raw eggs, then many will not use staircase anymore.

Salmonella and Escherichia coli are everywhere, even on commercialized food and food in the restaurant. Eggs at least have protective coating outside and protective membrane inside preventing bacterial penetration. If germ is really a problem for eggs, then not many eggs will hatch and the poultry will become an endangered species.

Do we know ourselves anybody who drinks raw egg and gets into trouble from doing so? Japanese have been eating rice with raw egg (tamago kake gohan). Korean have been eating rice with raw egg (bibimbap). Vietnamese have been drinking soda with raw egg (Soda sua hot ga). Canadian have been drinking milk with raw egg (eggnog). Italian ice cream (gelato) and tiramisu contain raw egg. Countryside folks have been drinking newly laid eggs. There is a proverb "Do not teach your grandmother to suck eggs".

Raw egg
A raw egg after removing jelly-like white.

There was an incident that a man died eating 28 raw eggs in a contest. Although it is not known whether those eggs used in the contest were from free range but too many of something is hazardous. There was also an incident that a woman died eating boiled eggs in a contest. Basically there is significant risk of death when participating in eating contest, regardless of what food is used.

Cholesterol is another myth that stops many people from consuming eggs. Eggs do contain cholesterol. Japan consumes a lot of eggs but the cardiovascular disease rate has not skyrocketed, instead it is a nation of longevity.

The egg

Get eggs from free range. Avoid eggs from concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) even for cooking. Those poultries are crowded so they may not be as happy and healthy. It is generally perceived that orange egg yolk is better yellow so some companies feeds their poultries with something artificial to get that colour. People who are allergic to eggs from commercialized farms may not be allergic to eggs from free range. If eggs from free range are not available, consider raising a few chickens or quails if possible.

After purchase, eggs should not be kept more than a fortnight. It is optional to keep eggs in the fridge. If eggs are kept in fridge, they will taste like fridge. The egg should be dry all the time because water can weaken the natural protective coating. Washing spoils the eggs. Pasteurized eggs have gone through water bath. Although such eggs have been coated with wax, but there is still risk. Humans have been eating eggs for thousands of years without doing anything fancy on the eggs.

How to drink an egg

Before drinking the egg, see if the egg that a crack. If yes, discard it. If no, put the egg in a small glass of water for quality testing. If it floats, discard it. If it does not float, wash it.

Crack a hole on the larger end of the egg where the air chamber is so that the egg white does not flow out. Smell it first. If it smells bad, do not drink it. If it is good, drink it immediately. If you want, you can slurp up the jelly-like portion of the white at the opening first to reveal the orange yolk in shell, then down the whole egg. Discard eggshell pieces into the whole eggshell. If eggshell pieces stick on your hand due to egg white, just scrape the pieces into the whole eggshell.

Too many of something is not good. I have maximum two chicken eggs or six quail eggs in a day.

You can also mix the egg with rice like Japanese and Korean if you want.
Posted: 2014-01-01; Updated: 2015-03-15 by Ong Seng Aun.
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