Reminding for Contribution is Unfaithful
offering box
A channel for collecting contribution should be set up at the church (1 Corinthians 16:2). Once the channel is set up, the congregation should be trusted and should not be verbally reminded on the offering.

While alms given for charity must be done in secret, offering to the church can be openly done by contributors (Mark 12:43, Acts 4:35). However that does not mean that the church should openly request for contribution. Any such request will bring pressure to attendees, more or less. It may be seen as desperate, showing lack of faith in God and ironically the church teaches to have faith in God. The reminder is like a website pop-up but the church should not follow a worldly practice.

A few offering methods are listed below.

  1. Offering is not be part of the liturgy. Just put an offering box at each exit in the church. The opening of the box may be baffled to prevent theft. Newcomers will be more comfortable if the service does not explicitly request for offering. This setup puts the church on the map so more people go there.
  2. Offering is part of the liturgy and the liturgist emphasises that it is free offering. The attendees stay where they are. Offering bag is handed out. The opening of the bag may be baffled to prevent theft.
  3. Offering is part of the liturgy. The congregation is asked to proceed to the pulpit to drop offering, usually in an envelope, on an offering receptacle. The weakness is it is tedious to get the money out of those envelopes later and the envelopes become waste.
  4. Offering is part of the liturgy and the liturgist emphasises that it is free offering. The congregation is told about an offering counter where congregation can freely approach to make their offering. Credit card payment is accepted. Receipt is given. The weakness is the identity and offering amount are on the record. In new testament individual identity and individual offering amount are not recorded.

Obviously the first method is the best.

Bible verses cited in this article:
Mark 12:43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:
Acts 4:35 And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.
1 Corinthians 16:2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come.

Posted: 2016-12-16 by Ong Seng Aun.
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