Seemingly Harmless Health Decayers
This is a list of common things in life that can cause health problem in the long run although they do not bring immediate adverse effect. I only put the ones that have alternative or that we can still live without. Do not think that if you do it and wake up without illness the next day then it should be alright. It is downright not alright.

It is commonly known publicly as promoted by media that nicotine, caffeine, sugar substitute and MSG (monosodium glutamate) have detrimental effect on health. However there are still a list of things that people use or do but do not know the risk.

If health diagnosis says that you have a chronic illness or even cancer, do not panic yet. Do not think that you are already sentenced to death. Think what you do in life that can lead to this illness and stop doing them. Many still think that we must eat something or do something artificial to our body to heal illness but that is not the case. It is about what we can stop doing and what we can inartificially take out from our body. There must be a root cause why we get sick. It is always about what we have done. Do not blame the germs.

I do not use the word 'disease' here because I am not talking something contagious.

It is commonly used as carbonated drink preservatives. It is a derivative of benzene so you can be sure that there is certain amount of benzene in benzoat solution because not all benzene molecules can be converted into benzoat.

Cold drink
Cold water does less harm to the body externally. In fact the body defense system is improving slowly towards the cold water outside the body. On the contrary, drinking cold drink is like introducing a Trojan horse into body. The body is being attacked from within and the damage is very severe. Cold drink is as harmfully addictive as drug. Whenever warm water is available, choose it.

Cow milk
Cow milk is good...for calves. Their stomach has four chambers for digestion. If really it is good, then everybody can take it. But the reality is many people have a certain degree of cow milk allergy.

People who do not drink cow milk do not have osteoporosis. A cow is bigger than a human being. Thus calves need higher protein to grow. Our body cannot grow as big as a cow so high protein is not needed. High protein in cow milk makes our body fluid acidic especially in adults because adults already stop growing so very little protein is needed. The acid robs calcium in our body in chemical neutralization.

If the milk is processed it can be kept at room temperature for a very long time. Is it not something wrong? Fresh cow milk cannot last long at room temperature.

The Bible Old Testament mentions about milk and honey. That milk actually refers to goat milk. Goat milk is as scarce as honey so it is rather precious.

Some dairy companies even create pseudo-science for example 'nano-calcium', 'children IQ catalyzing formula'.

If you really want to drink cow milk, it should be because you like the taste, not because you think it is good for you.

Distilled water / reversed osmosis water
It is acidic because it absorbs things from the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide. You can see suds on the water surface after it is dispensed. That means it has chemical impurity. It is able to absorb things because it is empty / vacuum so it is has a capacity to carry matters in it. The absorption will go on until the equilibrium stage is achieved where the concentration of matters in the water is the same the surrounding. That is why rainwater is distilled water so that the atmosphere can be cleansed. Will you drink rainwater?

Meat from livestock that is not herded
This includes eggs and dairy. Hormone, antibiotic, no choice of food (even though they know it is bad for them but they have no choice but to eat it) and crowding makes parasite get a foothold. Crowding is a technique that farmers use to save space and to limit the livestock movement (so that the livestock fattens faster). Some farmers even mix the food with dead livestock to reduce food cost. Have you ever thought why diseases like mad cow and bird flu suddenly outbreak? Were there such diseases last time? Livestock that is let to run freely to choose their own food is happier and thus healthier. Nowadays the hormone used on livestock makes girls become physically mature much earlier and boys become less masculine. And a chicken farm should be called a 'chicken factory' instead.

Paracetamol / Painkiller
This common pain killer which is used to hide the symptoms of minor sickness will end you up in dialysis. Actually painkiller should only be used when there is severe wound.

Sodium intake
Sodium / natrium is so available in our food nowadays that even we purposely avoid it, we will still consume some, in which it means we do not have to worry about sodium deficiency. If you reduce sodium intake, your body does not need as much water to maintain electrolyte balance and thus you lose weight. The weight increase caused by sodium will start a vicious cycle of consuming more food because bigger surface area of body will have more heat loss and heavier body needs more energy to carry it around so more calorie intake is needed. To begin is to avoid manufactured food has sodium in the labeling, for example "low-fat" bread spread and to stop sprinkling salt onto your food. Other known health issue is hypertension.

Teflon-coated non-stick cookware
A bird can be killed if it is fed with food cooked by Teflon-coated non-stick cookware. Some non-stick cookware companies know the danger and they falsely claim that their product does not contain Teflon (terms like PTFE, nano-composite are used instead).

White flour
White flour and its products lead to constipation. It does not contain fiber so its gluten will become sticky in the intestine. Meanwhile harmful bleaching agent is used to make flour even whiter.

White rice (polished rice)
From the points below you know it is not good:
a) People with diabetes cannot eat white rice.
b) White rice cannot germinate. It is dead.
Even worse, man-made fragrance is mixed in fragrant white rice.

Refined sugar
Refinery is a "smart" thing that people do. Some points about refined sugar:
1) Have you read about diabetes and teeth decay in human history before the mass production of refined sugar? Even now you can see that there is no diabetes among the sugar cane farm workers but sugar refinery workers.
2) White sugar is easily fermented in the intestine and the toxin produced will cause face pimples etc.
3) Because it lacks of nutrient, our body actually needs to deplete nutrient elsewhere to metabolize the sugar. That causes nutrient deficiency or even malnutrition. For example loss of chromium leads to craving of sugar. Refined sugar is as addictive as drugs.

Disposable chopsticks
Have you noticed the sour smell on the chopsticks? It is sulfur dioxide. Plus our jungles are destroyed to produce disposable chopsticks.

Plastic cutlery
Well, you do not eat plastic, do you? But there is certain amount of plastic that is consumed together with your food if you use plastic cutlery like plastic spoon, plastic chopsticks etc. It is even worse if it is disposable because low quality plastic is used.

Plastic water container that has recycle rating of "1" but is refilled
That type of plastic has low melting point. That means more free plastic molecules are released into the water. It is like you are drinking plastic.

Perspiration releases waste matter out of our body. Why do you want to stop it? It is like you purposely constipate yourself. If the sweat is smelly, watch what you consume instead.

Chatting in the cellphone
Cellphone is for coordinating something. It should not be used for chatting as long exposure to strong electromagnetic wave is not good.

Eating too much in one meal
Avoid having meal in the all-you-can-eat buffet because we will eat more than we should.

Furry surrounding
Carpets, furry dolls, chairs made of cloth etc trap allergen and breed dust mites. This is why some kids growing up in this kind of environment often have asthma.

Germ-free environment
Germicidal household products sterilizes your house. But germ-free environment weakens the body. When the body is used to such environment, once it is exposed to normal environment, all the germs there will have a party because such body is relatively easy to attack. Also, please do not use a tissue paper to hold the public door handle when opening it. I do not mean you should not wash your apple or filter water for drinking. Of course we should watch cleanliness but do not overdo it. Washing with water is already enough. Antiseptic is only needed to wash a big wound.

Having meal at night
At night our digestive system wants to refresh itself by resting and detoxicating. 24-hour restaurants really weakens a nation.

Lauryl Sulfate
As in Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS). It is commonly used in hair shampoo. It is a known irritant and harsh synthetic chemical. Its corrosiveness takes away skin protection and harms the hair. The result is very dry skin and hair and then itchiness and hair damage and hair loss. When mixed with triethanolamine (TEA), a carcinogen will be produced.

Lack of dietary fiber
Fiber cleans the intestines. Ask yourself if your food today has fiber. Take fiber from fruits, vegetables and unpolished grain instead of supplemental fiber tablets.

Lack of exercise
Some people think that no exercise is OK and just like to take any chance to avoid exercise for example rather want to take a longer time to stay idle and wait to reach the destination by machine than to save time to start heading to the destination by himself. Human body is designed to have physical activity. Human body is not to be perpetually inactive. Do not be dependant on machines that need to be fed with unrenewable energy. The benefits reducing such dependency greatly outweigh the 'inconveniences'. Even when a machine is not run for a long time, it will break down. Do exercise while we still can. If we do exercise regularly, we will not lose physical ability early when we are old. My friend's father can still climb coconut tree in his 60s. Exercise is a way to socialize too, just call along a friend when you jog.

Anyway note that:
a) exercising in air-cond room is not good because the air exchange is not effective in which the same air is cooled down again and again. This is why the law does not allow us to smoke in an air-cond room.
b) if you have muscular pain the next day after an exercise, you should wait until the pain fades away before you exercise again. Prolonged fatigue can decay health too. Exercise should not give us stress. Gradually you will be able to do exercise everyday without muscular pain.

Lift / elevator
Pathogen is lingering in the lift if someone sick has used it. You can smell other's body odor in the lift too. No exercise. Waste of time to wait for the lift. Anyway note that in public places it is safer for girls to use lift than staircase.

Not having breakfast
Breakfast is the main source of energy for the day. Breakfast is best taken before 8am.

Excessive alcohol
Alcohol is broken down by the liver. Our liver is already very tired in breaking down other toxins so we should not give it more burden. The bottom line is do not buy your own alcohol. If you start doing that, you will do it again. Drink socially. But that does not mean that you should accept free drink offer from strangers.

Staying up late although you are already sleepy
The processing of waste matters in our body happens at night AND when we are asleep. Why do we feel refreshed if we have a good night sleep? Because the toxin in our body is converted into waste matters that will be released from the body.

Listening to music with earphone
Prolonged usage will decrease hearing ability. Tinnitus can occur.

Minus lenses or laser eye surgery
Any quick fix will definitely do harm to tue body. Minus lenses worsen initial myopia. Laser eye surgery reduces cornea thickness. Thin cornea is susceptible to pressure from liquid inside the eyeball.
Posted: 2007-06-20; updated: 2010-10-07 by Ong Seng Aun.
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