Self-sustaining Prisons Are Honourable
prison worker
If a man can sustain his family, there is no reason prisoners cannot sustain the prison.

Taxpayer's money should not be used to maintain prisons. It is absurd to take the money from working people to feed people who do not work. Prisoners should work to self-sustain the prison. Prisons are supposed to be a rehabilitation place of repentance, training to be diligent and learning life skills. If prisoners want a better prison, they should work harder. If prisoners do not even want to clean their cell, then do not blame other people for the dirty cell. Prisons can be privatised.

Some countries portray luxurious prisons brought about by taxpayers' money. They want to tell the world that they are humane but actually they are inhumane because they take money from good citizens to pamper the bad. This is like encouraging people to commit crime. Of course if the prisons are luxurious due to the hard work of prisoners, then it is good and deserving praise.

Posted: 2016-10-04; updated: 2016-11-16 by Ong Seng Aun.
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