Short Talk About Money
Money is a concept. It is an abstract figure associated with a person. The figure cannot be edited. It increases or decreases according to the action the person performs. This figure cannot exist if everyone does not follow it. Originally human beings could live without money. In fact now some natives still do not need money.

Money is just a concept so do not be controlled by it. We should be the MASTER of money. Do not do something bad because of it. Do not do something bad to obtain it. If we quarrel, cheat, steal, rob or even murder because of money, we are the SLAVE of money. So are we if we buy lottery or gamble. Buying stock without doing analysis is considered gambling too.

If God will grant you one wish, what will you ask for? To have the biggest amount of money in the bank so that you are the richest person in the world? Or no money that you can possess at all but whenever you want to buy something you put your hand into your pocket there is always an exact amount of money to pay for the price?

If someone claims he can let you earn million in a short time, you should just ignore him. Big money that comes in suddenly or already there at birth is not good even it is true and nobody can resist it. On the contrary, money that is earned by the system you create and the system has growth is the best even you start out very small. If you create and maintain a system that earns 10 cents for the first month but has 20% average monthly compound growth based on the value of the month before, how much will the system earn for the month after 7 years? Answer: $311,072.90. The power of growth is tremendous. For a job with salary $10,000 for the first month, will the monthly salary be $300,000 after 7 years? It is not that good comparatively to start big but growth is sacrificed.

You are definitely on the losing side if you pay first before anything comes in.
a) Do not pay before getting full service. Exceptional case: insurance.
b) If someone or a company say that they will give you money if you pay them first, it is just a scam. Example: lottery, some MLMs. They may call it investment but that is not. The money that given to them will not come back.

Money can only be earned when there are people. No money when there are no people.

In modern world we can buy things even though we do not have enough cash or liquid possession that is readily cashed. That is not a good thing. If not enough cash, it means it cannot be afforded yet. Installment (instalment in UK English) lets us have no peace of mind. We can take installment if we actually have enough money but we want to put the money elsewhere for investment and the income from the investment should be at least enough to cover the interest of the installment. If unfortunately you are already in a few debts and you want to clear off some, start with the one with the highest interest first.

We should decrease the number of channels that money can flow out from us. For example we should only have at most two payment cards. Of course if the computer system is perfect with 100% no erroneous technical decline of card, we can have only one.

We should increase or at least maintain the number of channels that money can flow to us. For example do not simply quit being employed even if you have second source of income. For me I will quit only if I can survive on the second income for two years without using a cent from the employment income.

If we want to buy something extra in life (something that we have not had before but our life still goes on), we should not buy it with the money from our current income. Instead work out extra income until it is enough to buy that thing. The more effort we put in for the extra income, the earlier we can buy it.

To lose a friends or relatives, lend money to them. Either give them the money for free or do not give at all.
Posted on 2007-01-24; updated: 2008-11-14 by Ong Seng Aun.
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