Sleeping on the Floor Is Healthy
sleeping on the floor
Good things about sleeping on the floor:
  1. Good for the back. There will be no back pain or fatigue after waking up.
  2. Cooler especially on hot days.
  3. More spacious at home due to having no bed.
  4. Save money and natural resources from not buying a bed.
  5. No falling from the bed.

How to do it

If the floor is wooden, then we can sleep directly on it. If the floor is not wooden, get a cotton mat. A straw mat can be put under the cotton mat to further insulate the body from the coldness of the floor. After waking up, if the floor under the mats is warmer compared to other area, then add one more mat for the next night. Experiment it until the floor under mats is not warmer than other area. The mats should be rollable for easy storage. Take Japanese for an example. Traditionally they sleep on the floor, on a tatami.

A pillow is optional when sleeping on the back. If a pillow is not used, put the arm under the head when sleeping on the side. Our head and neck can rest without support. Many people have neck and back pain by sleeping on pillow and bed. Primates do not carry a pillow. If needed, just use a roll of bath towel.

Posted: 2016-10-10; updated: 2017-01-13 by Ong Seng Aun.
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