Some Decent Freeware
Below are some decent freeware (in alphabetical order) that I use. Note that
a) freeware is only free when it is for personal use.
b) when installing a few software, it is beter to install one first and restart the computer to see if there is any problem (e.g. system slows down significantly or hangs at shutdown). If there is problem, then the software may not be compatible with that computer (everyone's computer is different due to different software and different drivers). If there is problem, then uninstall the software, restart the computer and proceed to install another software. If there is no problem, then proceed directly to install another software.

This file compression tool is able to open or create ZIP file. It is able to open RAR file.

I use it to get to a file on my hard drive quickly by typing in the file name or file format (*.mov for example). But it works only on hard drive that is formatted with NTFS.

Fast Duplicate File Finder
This is not a piece of software that I always use because once I clear away the duplicate files, I do not need to use it for a very long time. Fast Duplicate File Finder will compare files by exact file size and modified date even if the file name is different. I suggest to exclude folders that contain things that you want to keep 100% (such as important installers that have many files in them instead of just one setup file).


It is a picture editor that can even edit animated graphic interface format (GIF). It has features that are not available default Windows picture editing tool but available in paid picture editor, such as ruler and guide (e.g. center lines when cropping). It can optimize Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) file by reducing its size.

Microsoft Expression Web 4
This website editing tool is an alternative for the old Microsoft FrontPage 2003. FrontPage license is currently not free. However, Expression Web takes longer time to publish a website than FrontPage.

Microsoft Security Essentials
This free antivirus of course runs only on genuine Windows.

It is used to split MP3 file. Download the portable version.

It reduces the size of portable network graphic (PNG) file without affecting the quality of the picture. However it needs command prompt to run. The syntax: optipng file_name.png

PDFsam Basic
It merges, rotates and reorders PDF files.

VLC Media Player
It can even play FLV and MOV format. The AVI movie format that does not work well on other media player works on VLC Media Player. It can also load SRT and SUB format subtitles. It can boost the volume to 200%, which is especially useful for videos that have low volume.

It mounts optical disc image. One reason for doing this is physical optical drive does not have to be used everytime, increasing its lifespan.

Posted 2009-07-13; updated: 2016-09-24 by Ong Seng Aun.
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