Some Poor Product Designs
This handphone pouch does not have a hole to push the handphone out of the pouch.

When the pen is put in a pencil cup/vase with the grey end pointing up, it needs to be withdrawn to know what color the ink is.

These are three way sockets. They can hold three power plugs plugged in at the same time. The one of the right does not have arrows on its button, causing people to accidentally switch on / off the wrong button sometimes.

wallet for optical disc
It is easier to get an optical disc out of the wallet on the right. You just put your forefinger in the center hole of the disc and slide it out. You cannot do the same thing when the disc is put in the wallet on the right.

Have you overturned a plate before because of accidental pressing at the edge? The plate on the right is obviously very much more stable.


The suction hook on the left has a smaller suction disc so it drops off the wall itself after some time. The one on the right will stick on the wall until it is removed manually. This shows that some manufacturers do not even bother to do some basic R&D on their product before introducing it into the market.

Nice fluorescent color. And it was purchased from the gardening department in a reputable retailer. But it ends up in my kitchen loaded with some dish washing agent. The bottle is not stiff enough so when the internal pressure decreases after spraying, the bottle deforms. It cannot even stand.

Enter key a bit far
The Enter key is frequently used so it should be more reachable. The backslash "\" key should instead be put on the right side of the right square bracket key "]".
Posted on 2008-04-23; updated 2011-05-01 by Ong Seng Aun.
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