Some Shopping Advice
Some shopping advice:
  1. When we are with somebody, do not buy anything. We will not have discerning mind. For example we will feel shy to examine something in detail because we do not want to let him or her wait. The only thing we can do when we are with somebody is to survey the price or to do just windows shopping.
  2. Avoid buying anything on the spot without planning. It is always good to go back and think about it first. To implement this systematically, we should have a list of the things to buy before going out for shopping.
  3. Do not buy anything that are not wanted urgently even there is discount.
  4. Before settling debts, avoid buying things that are not necessities, such as television and air-conditioner.
  5. Any purchase should be done in delight. When we have doubt, worry or hesitation, do not buy it. It is better to waste a few trips or some money than to buy something that one regrets later. This is the same with buying a house.
  6. When a retail outlet cannot give us cheaper price (when we ask for it) it does not mean others cannot.
  7. Do not think that if we buy something big, we will get a discount on the small supplement thing. Price survey is still needed for the small thing. For example, I once bought a camera cheap but rechargeable batteries expensive from the same shop.
  8. When buying an electric appliance, go to the customer service counter to observe which brand has been rejected.
  9. After buying one thing, use it immediately to find out any flaw early.
  10. Make friend with the seller. It is not for getting discount but for enlarging our circle of acquaintanceship.
  11. To reject a product, it is better to write a defect report than to go there to explain the defect because
    a) the customer support may be busy and we need to wait for him or her to listen to our explanation.
    b) the place may be noisy and it will affect our communication.
    For this kind of thing, is it not better if we do not have to say a thing and just let our report do the job? Download: product_defect_report_template.doc
Posted: 2007-02-08; updated: 2016-12-06 by Ong Seng Aun.
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