Sport Is Meaningless
fracture in sport
A fracture in sport
Sport is competitive physical activity. Nothing is achieved for humanity through sport. The fastest person in running cannot help in chasing thieves or putting out fire. The best person in playing badminton contributes nothing to the society. The best sharpshooter cannot help in the military. The glory is meaningless. There is no productivity. More meaningful competitions should be done, for example competition of productivity.

This article does not call to ban for sport because everyone can do whatever they like. It also does not advocate sedentariness. In fact everyone should engage in physical activity everyday, such as cycling. A game such as table tennis can be played as leisure, not as a full time endeavour.

Negative points about sport:

  1. Land is wasted to build the place for competition, such as a stadium.
  2. A lot of money is wasted in organising the event.
  3. Sportmen push themselves too much that they have health problem later.
  4. Careers in sport drain plenty of resources from the society without producing anything. "His job is to play soccer" sounds contradicting. A job is to accomplish something beneficial for the society.
  5. Gambling, although not explicitly promoted in sport, ties to sport by nature. It is not difficult finding people betting for sport.
  6. Politicians use sport to divert people's attention from more pressing issues, such as wasteful spending of national treasury.
Posted: 2016-10-14; updated: 2016-10-16 by Ong Seng Aun.
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