Standing Desks Are Healthy
standing desk
An improvised standing desk
Remember our parents saying "Don't just sit there all day long."? For a lot people, many hours in a day are wasted in being sedentary (sleeping and sitting), depreciating physical ability. Sitting is for taking a rest only. It is not good to sit if not tired. One way to reduce sitting is to have standing desk.

Example of people who work at standing desk: Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin. American Cancer Society and American College of Cardiology warn about health risk from prolonged sitting. Employees in Silicon Valley who request for standing desk are increasing.

Even the expensive so-called ergonomic chair is of no good effect. Regular exercise, although better than no exercise, does little to reduce the harm from prolonged sitting. An old Chinese saying states that "prolonged sitting harms the flesh". Excessive sitting indeed can cause rashes under the thigh.

Benefits of standing desk

  1. Alleviate back pain.
  2. Burn calorie. One will automatically move more when standing, burning even more calorie.
  3. Insulin effectiveness increases due to not being sedentary, which is good for both the diabetic and non-diabetic.
  4. Reduce shoulder pain.
  5. Better posture.
  6. Due to getting used to it, one will not feel tired easily when he or she really has to stand for long hours some day.
  7. The strength of legs is built up so other physical exercise is improved.
  8. Less space is needed.


  1. A special standing desk does not have to be bought at home. Just improvise the items around the house. Stack up a few boxes to become a desk.
  2. Do not lean.
  3. When starting out in a few days, of course there will be pain, for example heel pain. Once getting used to it, one may even forget he or she is standing.
  4. Chair is not needed at home where the floor is clean. When one needs a rest, sit on the floor. If one really wants to have a chair, get a foldable stool so that it can free up some space when folded. In office, just go to the pantry to take a break.
  5. Once getting used to standing desk at home, request for a standing desk in the office.

This article has been written while standing.

Posted: 2016-09-24 by Ong Seng Aun.
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