Statelessness Is Chaotic
Statelessness is also called anarchy. It can be achieved but the situation will be chaotic. There will be no anarchy in the utopian sense. There can only be order in anarchy if humanity can follow God. Under sinful nature, humanity needs an authority to prevent self-destruction. Anarchy in ancient Israelite tribal confederacy set an example that anarchy would not turn out well, in which they ended up asking for government.

If there is no government, a bad person will murder another person and take all the money. There will be no justice, in which people with strong background can do whatever they like. There will be no neutral mediator to resolve disputes. Everyone will have to subscribe to a gang for protection as there is strength only in number. Disputes can only resolved by violence.

Justice must be reckoned by a more disinterested third party. In statelessness, theoretically there are "private courts". These private courts are not disinterested and are driven by profit. For rich people, appeals can be done to different private courts, in which a satisfactory verdict cannot be achieved for a very long time. For poor people, there will be no justice because they do not have money to pay the private policemen and courts.

Protection of individual property rights is a justification for government. Indeed government can go bad but that only happens when it gets big. By limiting government, problems can be prevented. Although big government is bad, we should not go to the other extreme by having no government. It is like a knife. A knife can indeed kill and hurt. But we should not just get rid of the knife because we still need it as a tool.

Somalia started to be in anarchy from 26 Jan 1991. Famine is widespread because nobody wants to engage in producing food that will be plundered anyway. When there is no protection of personal property, it is easier to plunder food than to produce it. The infamous Somali pirates have become rampant. People who love anarchy also do not want to live there.

Anarchy does not have national defence and will be vulnerable to invasion. US waging war on Iraq caused statelessness that brought up ISIS.

Posted: 2016-11-08; updated: 2016-11-30 by Ong Seng Aun.
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