Stop Suppressing Symptoms in the Body
When we are sick, we should pause and think what we have done wrong.

Usually the body remains "silent" complacently. It only "complains" only when there is a problem. Some common examples of the body wants to express something: running nose, migraine, cough, itchiness, toothache, habitual drowsiness. Some people hate it when the body "complains" and they want their body to shut up immediately. So they use drugs (either for intake or external application) recommended by our physician to suppress the body's complaint for a fast relief.

"Complaints" from the body are called symptoms. Basically it means two things when there is a symptom:
a) The body is fighting the invaders.
b) There is a root cause that needs to be solved.

So when the body is drugged, it means the body's defense system becomes lazy and the root cause is ignored. Soon the symptom is going to come back again trying to talk to master. And the body is drugged again. And one day when the root cause becomes irreversible and the body's defensive weapon becomes rusty, it is already too late.

Not only we should not stop the body from speaking, but also we should not ignore it and continue on with our work. Although the body defense system is working but if the root cause is not eliminated, the defense system has to work continuously on the same issue and may not have room for other new issues. Then one day the defense may be overrun by many issues.

By the way have you heard a physician saying the word "treatment"? What about "cure"? Try talk to them about cure and see how they respond. The modern medical school teaches the physician to treat the symptom, not to cure the root cause. Don't be surprised if they slowly "treat" people into death. So is modern medicine not good? No. It can save life during EMERGENCY and you must respect them for that.

A good physician will
a) ask the food, life style and living environment of the patient to pinpoint the cause.
b) let patient have enough rest.
b) only give out drug as the last resort.
Anyway social conditioning by drug campaign makes a good physician hardly survive. People will start to think negatively if the physician does not give them drug. So social-conditioned crowd makes a bad doctor. It is a mutual thing. The worst is the physicians themselves are social-conditioned.

How to recognize the root cause yourself? Well, you should understand your body more than other people do. Try to be observant on what you and the surrounding do on your body. Isn't that funny that you have to tell the physician, say, you have a headache in order for them to know that you have a headache?
Posted: 2007-01-26; updated: 2015-07-07 by Ong Seng Aun.
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