T8 LED Tubes Are Outshining
installing a T8 LED tube
Currently if T8 fluorescent tubes are common in the country, T8 LED tubes that can be installed on the existing lamp fixture without modification can also be found easily. The price of both tubes is about the same. Fluorescent lamps have replaced incandescent lamps, and now LED lamps are kicking out fluorescent lamps.

Comparison between an LED tube and a fluorescent tube

Mercury contentNoYes, thus it is harmful for the environment at disposal.
Directional lightingYesNo, thus some light is wasted on unncessary spots.
Turning on/off effect on lifespanNoYes, in which frequent turning on/off reduces its lifespan.
FlickeringNoYes, the flicker may be noticeable when taking a video.
Immediate light after turning onYesNo, the light blinks first.
Energy savingMoreLess. E.g. for the 4 ft lamp, fluorescent type is 36W and for the same brightness, the LED type is less than 30W.
Fluoroscent starterNoYes, thus it is extra cost.
Occasional hummingNoYes
Ultraviolet rayNoYes, thus it can degrade the pigment in paint, including art painting.
HeatLessMore, thus there is more cost for air-conditioning.
Effect of air-conditioning on performanceLessMore as it cannot function optimally at lower temperature.
Posted: 2016-11-19 by Ong Seng Aun.
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