Television Is Brainwashing
Due to the addiction to TV, some people will install a satellite disc Bad things about television:
  1. Tts content is controlled and is biased for propaganda agenda. This is the same in every country, including North Korea.
  2. Its content is mostly fictitious. We should be dealing with something real. Turn away our eyes from beholding vanity.
  3. It contains bad influence, such as consumerism, foul language, violence and sex. The content shapes the society rather than the society shapes the content.
  4. It leads to a sedentary lifestyle.
  5. It changes people's mindset to continuously demand for entertainment and amusement due to the feeling of emptiness that it creates. With this mindset kicking in, entertainment is prioritised over work. The bathroom is not cleaned up. Kids will not want to do schoolwork. Procrastination happens.
  6. People no longer engages in productivity. Some great food that could be prepared by great grandparents in every household is now scarce.
  7. Advertisements interrupt viewing.
  8. It wastes tremendous amount of time. The time is better off used to engage in something productive.
  9. It is a waste of money to buy a TV set and to subscribe to cable TV programme. This is like paying to be brainwashed.
  10. It is addictive, especially for kids. Do not let kids watch TV at all. TV controls people by getting them addicted. Some junkies install expensive large satellite disc just to get access to more programmes.
  11. It makes people not to go early to bed.
  12. It can initiate myopia to children.
  13. TV broadcasting wastes money and resources from the society to harm the society. This includes erection of transmission towers and manning TV stations.
Posted: 2016-11-09; updated: 2016-11-15 by Ong Seng Aun.
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