Traffic Officers Are Redundant
traffic officer
A traffic officer cannot watch so many drivers. When an officer is putting attention to book a driver on a minor offence, major offences can be missed. In Malaysia, armed traffic officers are periodically deployed to stop drivers without offence just to check driving licence and road tax.

We do not have to wait until driverless cars are common to retire traffic officers. Even with the current communication technology, traffic officers are no longer necessary. Existing traffic officers can be absorbed into police force to uphold justice. When the traffic light is down, the police from the nearest police station can direct the traffic. Some of them can be converted to desk officers to review traffic offences in the background.

With the retirement of traffic officers, drivers can police each other by submitting evidence of offence online. The evidence can come from a dashcam etc. Then the evidence is reviewed online by desk officers. The number of desk officers are lesser than the retired field officers because a desk officer can review many cases in a day. Surveillance coverage from drivers is much wider than traffic officers because there is power in number. A reward can even be given to the whistleblower. The chance for corruption of traffic officers is also eliminated. With this system, drivers will behave themselves when other drivers are around.

Posted: 2016-09-15; updated: 2017-08-21 by Ong Seng Aun.
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