Two Meals Per Day are Enough
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Having two meals per day can be part of minimalism.

Urban folk eat too much. There is no biological reason to do even for those who engages in physical labour. Gluttony is a sin. Eating twice daily is better than eating thrice. Our ancestors did not have access to food 24/7. And meat was only taken occasionally, especially during festival, in which the livestock was slaughtered on the day of consumption.

Benefits of two meals daily:

  1. Minimise the chance of obesity.
  2. Monetary saving.
  3. Time saving in preparation and consumption of food.
  4. Decreased demand of food may bring down the price.
  5. The appetite is greater.

The two meals should be taken in day light. Breakfast should be taken early at daybreak. Breakfast and dinner are recommended because the time to the next meal is not too long or too short. Also the activities during the day are not interrupted by settling down to have a meal. Skip lunch but if there is invitation for lunch, it is alright to accept it and consider skipping dinner for the day. There is a reasoning that the body does not need energy at night so dinner should be skipped instead of lunch. Whichever option is preferred, the breakfast stays. This applies to children too. Just eat more in a meal.

Posted: 2016-12-08; updated: 2017-01-11 by Ong Seng Aun.
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