Undesirable Girls
If you are a good guy, then you may have some right to comment about undesirability of some girls. If you are a male jerk in bad shape, then you should not expect too much from her. In fact, it is a right match for a jerk to be with an undesirable girl.

If a guy says he wants to be in a relationship with you, it is because there is something cute about you. If you do not like him, try to be an undesirable girl.

Some points about undesirable girls

She dates with other guy although she is already in a relationship with a guy.

She never offers to split the bill. Guys will usually pay the bill, but it is still good to put up the offer.

She proposes marriage to the guy. This is very likely to spook the guy away.

She wants the guy to give her a credit card.

She always asks the guy about his financial details. Even worse she wants to take charge of the guy's finance. Something like "my money is mine, your money is also mine".


She does not want to get along with the guy's family. For example she states early on that she does not want to live with the guy's family even before the guy talks about this.

She does not want the guy to listen his parents for example she wants the guy to leave his family and secretly run off with her. Dangerous.

She wants the guy to do everything she wants including unreasonable things and if he does not do it, she is angry. And she is angry over unimportant things. In this case the guy should not be afraid of her unreasonable anger but to ignore her and do what is appropriate.

She is oversensitive and will make a big deal out of small thing or easily do something creepy such as harming others or herself. The guy will have difficulties living with her.

She has low EQ. She gets upset and overreacts even in the public.

She bugs the guy for birthday present. Present should be given voluntarily without being requested.

She is immature and pettish. She does not want to listen to advice. Usually girls are too young before 23 years old (I think guys 33).

She cannot get along with her own family.

She keeps long fingernails. That hinders her from doing household chores. Or she does not do household chores at all. Well, do not get me wrong. I am not saying that girls should do all the household chores. It is just that the work should be shared naturally. A female friend of mine tells me that long fingernails are related to witch, hehe.

She spends much time and money on her hair. Girls who regard hair topic as boring are cute.

It is OK if she does not know to cook but the bad thing is she does not want to learn it. Even guy should learn about cooking.

She is reckless and tend to accidentally crash all the plates you have.

She does not know to take care of cleanliness in the house.

She is addicted to caffeine, tobacco, alcohol or drug.

She gambles (lottery and unanalyzed stock can also be considered gambles). Gambling for leisure is just an excuse. It is good if she does not even know to play cards.

The guy wants to take contraceptive control himself but she does not want him to do so.

She likes to go to the bar, karaoke or disco.

She questions the guy, e.g. whom he has lunch with, why he has not called.

She check up the guy's phone.

She asks / locks the guy out of bedroom.

She does not shape up.

She cannot sleep without cool air from air-conditioner. That means she grows up in a pampered environment. Plus sleeping in an air-conditioned room is not good for health.
Posted: 2007-02-09; updated: 2014-05-27 by Ong Seng Aun.
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