Unspoken Office Rules Are Crucial
unspoken rules
Companies treat adults like adults. So some rules are not written. Unspoken rules for employees:
  1. Do not use company email and Internet for non-business purpose.
  2. Preparation before any audit does not include any "catch-up" work. The situation should be as real as the time without audit.
  3. Avoid clothes that are too revealing.
  4. Music without business purpose should not be played during working time.
  5. Avoid wearing loud shoes.
  6. Avoid complaining about coworkers. If we want to have a lesson learnt, do not say the name but just mention the mistake.
  7. Show loyalty to the direct superior. Do not approach the superior of our direct superior.
  8. HR is not a place for counseling. HR protects the benefit of the company.
  9. Avoid selling things to coworkers.
  10. Do not ask for promotion.
  11. Do not talk bad thing about the previous company that we have worked in.
  12. Do not talk about salary yet during interview. Negotiation can only happen after company's proposal of figure.
  13. There is no free speech. It is a private premise so the company has the right to dictate what can be said.
  14. Profit center always have higher class than cost center.
  15. Work desk should not contain personal stuff and must contain as less things as possible.
  16. If something bad happens during our long break, it is still our responsibility.
  17. Always participate in company activities.
  18. Never date a coworker.
2016-11-14 by Ong Seng Aun.
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