Urban Folk Are Rich
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Urban folk are actually affluent and should be content, but yet many are unhappy.

Reasons that urban folk are rich

  1. Many own a car. Owning an automobile is the prerogative of the rich.
  2. Many do not do laundry by hand.
  3. Many do not clean the house themselves but employs part-time maid to do the cleaning.
  4. Many spend time to watch television and movies.
  5. Many like to spend time in entertainment over work and chores.
  6. Many have time to check social media daily.
  7. Many change their mobile phone even though it is not damaged yet. They do not opt for cheap phones. Children also use a mobile phone.
  8. Many do not know how to fix a light or a faucet.
  9. Many do not grow something edible.
  10. Many wear a watch despite carrying a mobile phone. The watch is mainly ornamental.
  11. Children neither work nor tend for themselves. They only play and attend school.
  12. Many use air-conditioners and bathroom water heaters.
  13. Many own a lot of stuff.
  14. Many have three meals or more per day.
  15. Many drink beverages instead of water.
  16. Many do physical exercise for leisure only.
  17. Many make a big fuss over a minor issue because they do not have to worry about basic necessities in life
  18. Many do not have many kids to maintain the comfort zone.
  19. Many have a maid.
Posted: 2016-11-20; updated: 2017-01-04 by Ong Seng Aun.
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