Walking Is Declining
lazy walker
Urban people do not like to walk. When some people start to walk, it will be seen as strange.

It is absurb to take a car or a motorcycle to travel short distance. If we do not like to walk, then our legs will respond to our preference to become weak. Some people lose the ability to walk more than 50 meters in their fifties.

This phenomenon is very common in Malaysia. On a typical street, more cars are visible than people. Pedestrians are people who have just parked their car. Some young guys do not even want to walk for less than 500 meters and must get a ride. Many people will park their car indiscriminately, causing trouble to others, just to save a few steps. Due to the sedentary behaviour, motorized vehicle becomes a necessity. People think they are entitled to motorized vehicle and will whine when they do not have it. Lifts and escalators also become necessities.

Furthermore, the high crime rate in Malaysia discourages females to walk to avoid being chopped by a machete. Ironically, if people lose the ability to walk fast due to less walking to reduce exposure to crime, once the mugger gets to them, they become sitting ducks.

Posted: 2016-10-16 by Ong Seng Aun.
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