Web Hosting Criteria
I do not mention about disk space and bandwidth here because that depends on the nature of your website. You should know what is adequate for you.

Features without extra fee

24/7 live chat support.

30-day money back guarantee.

The IP allocated for your account is not blocked by "The Great Firewall of China".

It is not blacklisted by Google. If your web hosting is blacklisted by Google, then even your website is marked as "This site may harm your computer" in Google search result.

URL of login page to control panel starts with "https". Address with https is more secure. You do not want others to hack into your control panel.

URL of control panel does not have port number as suffix ( if you are behind an office firewall. Such address will be blocked by office firewall.

It runs on Apache web server.

Website traffic statistics, including access to raw log.

Does not support video or audio streaming so that the server speed is not affected.

Allows you to edit ".htaccess" file so that you can custom your own '404 error' page etc (anyway it may or may not work for FrontPage user).

Has mySQL databases (at least 5), PHP scripting and your own CGI-BIN.

Does not give unlimited bandwidth. People with big video files will tend to subscribe to this host and slows down the server speed.

Supports FrontPage Server Extensions if you use FrontPage.

If you do not want to pay other company commission for collecting payment on your behalf and you want to set up your own payment collection page, you may want to have secure sockets layer (SSL) available free or at a reasonable price.

Hosts multiple domain names that will show different content for each domain name if you have more than one domain name. There is an extra fee to put in another domain name but it should be a one-time charge, not monthly charge, at a reasonable price.

Unlimited emails.


Supports mod_gzip. You should check the web hosting thoroughly if you want this. Some companies although do not support this but they will tell you they do when you ask them.

Supports Windows SharePoint Services if you use FrontPage and you want to use the advanced features in FrontPage.
Posted: 2007-02-06; updated: 2011-04-26 by Ong Seng Aun.
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