Whining Is Useless
Whining amplifies the existing damage. Always look at the positive aspects of a matter. Do not put ourselves under the bondage of past problems but put our hope in future.

If it is mere complaint, do not say it out. Instead change it to action. Playing the blame game and finger-pointing are usually done by leftists. When we bump into an obstacle, do not stop and complain, but instead find a way to get around or over it. Nobody likes to be with a whiner, but instead a man of action. Do not share for instance our family problem with outsiders because they should not care about it and may even form a bad opinion about us.

Whining is different from admonishing. Also disagreement on a certain topic is not whining.

Let us take a look on some examples.

It is cold. We do not have to say it out because others know it is cold too. Instead do something to insulate against the coldness.
Trapped in traffic jam during daily commuting. Stop complaining about the traffic because we are the traffic. We are also contributing to the problem ourselves. And it is absurb to jump into the same cycle every day without changing. Move near to the workplace or change to other mode of transport.
Paid for an overpriced service. Many businesses will try to get the most out of their customers. Take it as a lesson, in which that was the first and the last transaction. Unless we want to alert other people to be more careful (but by doing that we are giving that business free publicity), we should not complain about it.
An unfavoured candidate has won an election. Supporters of the lost candidate should respect the result of the election. Disputing the result of an election is undemocratic because if they feel the election system is bad, then they should not even participate in it in the first place. There must be no riot. If they feel that the election system is not good enough, look to enhance the system for the future election instead.
A British five-pound note contains trace of tallow. People who do not eat meat can avoid eating the note. Refuse to receive the note. Use credit card, online transaction or barter system instead.
Posted: 2016-11-29; updated: 2017-06-27 by Ong Seng Aun.
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